How To Build A Mosquito Trap Using Brown Sugar And Yeast

How To Build A Mosquito Trap Using Brown Sugar And Yeast

Materials Needed:

2000ml-capacity empty plastic bottle
50 gram brown sugar
1 gram yeast
Measuring cup
Black paper
Plastic tape


1. Cut the top of the bottle as shown below.

2. Pour 200ml of hot water and 50 grams of brown sugar into the bottle . Stir it. Half-submerge the bottle into a bigger container with cold water (a pale for example) to cool it down. Monitor the temperature using the thermometer until it reaches to 40 degrees celcius.

3. After cooling down to 40 degrees celcius, pour 1 gram of yeast into it. No need to mix the yeast with the sugar water. When yeast ferments, it creates carbon dioxide.

4. Cover the bottle with the cut-top-part of it in inverted position as shown and sealed the edge with a plastic tape.

5. Wrap black paper around the bottle and place it in dark and humid place within your house for 2 weeks. You’ll have to replace the sugar, water and yeast solution every 2 weeks.

Let’s battle these life-threatening insects and annihilate them all. Life is beautiful and we must take good care of it.

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